Spiritual Warfare. Principles of victorious warfare based on the war of the Maccabees

Автор: Борис Грисенко
Рік видання: 2013
Наявність: Є в наявності

What does a person feel when he stands in front of an enemy that is much stronger than him? What did David feel while looking into Goliath’s eyes? What did the Hasmoneans feel when going into a battle with unequal sides? What does a person feel when facing an incurable disease or hopeless financial situation? It is not always easy to offensively move toward the enemy even when you are sure that the invisible, but Almighty God is fighting for you.  We hope that this small book will help you to have great victory over the enemy of your life. You will find here simple but practical lessons on how to win in your daily battles. The example of Yehuda Maccabee that we'll look at in light of the Scriptures will be useful for those who are tired of the pressure from life's circumstances, and for those who are looking for ways to grow in certain areas of their lives.

Author Boris Grisenko
Number of pages 48
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