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The One New Man    (A Church of Jews and Gentiles)
We want to bring you a message of great joy, a special message of hope! It will not solve all your current political problems, but, even more importantly, will provide a clearer vi...
Spiritual Warfare.  Principles of victorious warfare based on the war of the Maccabees
What does a person feel when he stands in front of an enemy that is much stronger than him? What did David feel while looking into Goliath’s eyes? What did the Hasmoneans fee...
Occultik prayer
This publikation deals with a topic that has been taught in the classroom of the School of Prayer in our congregation and has aroused great interest among students. It is the subje...
Purim is the most joyful holiday on the Jewish calendar. One Book of the Old Testament is fully dedicated to description of this holiday. It’s the Book of Esther. This book i...